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"If I Were An Artist" is a content series by Blair Miller, the Founder and CEO of Chaos Creators. The series explores how influencers are building engaged fanbases, and ways in which artists can implement these strategies to elevate their branding, refine their marketing plans, and optimize their single and album rollouts. Follow along to see how Blair would incorporate these strategies if SHE HERSELF were an artist!



The NAMM Show 2024

If I Were an Artist: Implementing TikTok and Instagram Influencer Strategies

Social media has the power to supercharge music releases, placing artists in a new spotlight. That said, can artists actually learn from influencers? In this session, Blair Miller, founder of Chaos Creators and the “If I Were an Artist” series, will dive into the innovative marketing strategies influencers are using right now and how you can utilize them to maximize your own music career. She’ll cover everything from branding to picking content, as well as algorithms and features to focus on when putting together your next digital campaign.

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"How Artists Can Learn From Influencers Like Alix Earle"

In the digital realm, the power wielded by influencers is both significant and impactful. These individuals possess the ability to cultivate engaged and dedicated fanbases, resulting in billions of dollars in brand deals. Alix Earle, one of the internet’s favorite stars, serves as a prime example of an influencer from whom artists can analyze and learn to elevate their brand, refine marketing strategies, and optimize their single and album rollouts.

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